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Krull provides executive Leadership for $2M Grant:

PharmaChk receives $2M Grant from Saving Lives at Birth:

PharmaChk Top 10 Scientific American Technologies:

Read Charlie Chu's article on the Six Key Strategies for Cashed Strapped Start-up:  





Regulatory Compliance Management Services:

O'Brien Compliance Management (

O'Brien Compliance Management provides regulatory compliance management services for US, European, and other international markets. OBCM helps reduce costly redesigns and approval delays by integrating regulatory safety requirements into the early phases of your product life cycle. Specialties include: Risk Management, Usability Engineering (Human Factors), Safety, Essential Performance, and EMC of electrical medical devices and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices. Services include: Testing, Liaising Approvals, Consulting, and Training. International standards routinely applied include: ISO 14971, IEC 60601, IEC 61010, and IEC 60950.

Marketing, Business, and Strategic Partnering Consulting Services

Attain Management Resources (

The mission of Attain Management Resources is to assist medical technology companies achieve important milestone goals efficiently, effectively, and economically. Attain was founded to satisfy the unique needs of the medical device industry and provides access to services on a global basis including strategic and business plan development, strategic partner development, expanding product sales into new markets, and fund-raising planning and implementation

Quality and Regulatory Services

UL, Boston, NY, RTP, Chicago, San Jose, other global locations

TUV Rheinland, Boston, Koeln, other locations

Intertek, ETL/SEMKO, Boston, Cortland

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